4-12-14: #30daysofbiking day 12

4-10-14: #30daysofbiking day 10

4-6-14: nice long group ride through 2 snow storms! #30daysofbiking day 6


4-4-14: PRIZE GIVEAWAY!!! 

If you donate $50 to my PEOPLEFORBIKES RIDE ON CHICAGO EFFORT, you can take your pick of one of the following 3 items:  TCL travel coffee mug, TCL Pint Glass, or TCL backpack.  (Must pickup at my office in Golden-no shipping). Promo ends at 8pm Sunday (mtn time) -ready set go!! 

4-1-14: April Fools Day Kicks off #30daysofbiking!  Filmed using iphone -nothing fancy!

3-31-14: the #30daysofbiking challenge starts tomorrow!!  I got an early start on the challenge last week and rode every day, Monday through Sunday... just to be sure I could handle it ;) Of course some days are small days- just running to the store for groceries, and some days are big days, like 4 hour, 60-miler training rides.  But the object is to ride every day and with the exception of today (my one day off inside of a 37-day streak!) I plan on putting my bum on a bike seat every day through the last day of April!  This is totally doable.  [And ps -if the weather is bad -no one said you had to ride OUTSIDE (rollers or a trainer definitely count!!!)].  Join me - it'll be fun!!!  Get that bike all souped it, cleaned up, dialed in and road-ready!

Here's a little silly video I put together last Monday (using my iphone) on my grocery store trip just for fun:

Oh - and here's my fundraising plug/request: If I make it all 30 days in a row, would you consider donating $30 to my $4000 fundraising goal for our Peopleforbikes.org RIDE ON CHICAGO event??  I'd LOVE it if you did that ;)

3-26-14: looking for a new and fun challenge for your month of April?  Join me in this #30daysofbiking challenge!  I actually started mine this week on Monday (why not start early!?!?) Speaking of challenge... Here's a little vid of my MTB ride with mechanical saga yesterday - the moral of the story is to KNOW your equipment and to carry ALL of the tools you may need-not just some of them ! ;) 

3-17-14: shook out the cobwebs after a few years's hiatus from crit racing and spontaneously hopped in the women's open crit at the CSM race yesterday -ended up 2nd!  This was pretty momentous for me since I went out for a big ride (having no intention of racing) and stopped by the crit to cheer on teammates on my way home... found out there were only 7 women signed up so that sealed the deal and I entered -despite my dead legs!  Was super nice to re-enter the crit racing scene with a nice small pack of ladies... funny how sometimes I think I'm even more nervous now before races than I was as a newbie! Self-imposed expectations and uncertainty about fitness will do that I guess.  

Lookout Mountain Hill Climb

Yesterday was definitely one of the bigger rides I've done recently! Slowly but surely, clawing back into shape!

3-16-14: First 2 races of the season are done - last Saturday I raced the "Frostbite TT" in balmy 70 degree temps and took 3rd place.  Yesterday I raced the Lookout Mtn TT in Frostbite conditions -cold and blustery! -and took 6th.  It's hard coming off my February "off season" and working back into fitness but that's how it goes! Each race is one step closer to being race fit again and I'm working as hard as I can to get there. 

Thanks to Sportif Images for this photo of me suffering during the TT yesterday!

Lookout Mountain Hill Climb

3-7-14: GOPRO is LIVE!!!  Here's a snippet of a long ride I did yesterday - it includes a narrated version of lookout mountain ;)

Lookout Mountain 3.6.14 from megan hottman on Vimeo.

3-5-14: So excited to announce that I'm riding in my first-ever RIDE THE ROCKIES tour this June!!  And even better - I'm doing it to fundraise for Denver's Trips for Kids organization!  Please consider making a small donation here: https://www.coloradogives.org/hottmanRTR

Thank you!!!

2-27-14: to ride, or not to ride? ...that is the question...when you're down and out with a head cold.  Which I presently, unfortunately, am.

There are many, many articles on this topic posted by cycling coaches and exercise gurus, all over the internet.  The common saying is, "if it's above the neck, it's ok to train, if it's below the neck, rest up."  A bit of exercise is considered good for strengthening your immune system, but too much can weaken you, making your cold or symptoms worse.  Bottom line, remember that training is catabolic in nature.  It breaks you down, on purpose. So if you feel like 100% of your body's energy needs to be spent fighting the bug that's got you down, don't engage in catabolic -er training -activities.  Training while sick means you will require extra rest, extra fluids and extra calories.  So if you can't afford to stick a nap in after your ride when you're under the weather, skip the ride and just opt for the nap. 

And keep the intensity to a minimum! My personal preference is to focus on more strength-oriented riding/training so that I am not breathing heavy. 

Since I'm battling a scratchy throat and stuffy nose, I've opted to continue riding this week -but at low intensity and with TONS of fluids and extra rest added.  I leave for a trip Sunday and do NOT want to be sick or get worse while I'm there! Other OTC/herbal remedies I recommend: Kick Ass Immune, Echinacea, Emergenc-C, hot water with lemon juice and honey, NyQuil (the bomb) and loads of fresh fruits for vitamins!  Also dressing up super warm (especially for indoor workouts) and "sweating it out" or standing in a hot steamy shower seems to help the head symptoms feel better/flush it out.

Here are a few articles on the topic if you'd like to read more:




2-21-14: REALLY hard to believe the local Colorado bike racing schedule starts tomorrow with a road race up at Carter Lake!  I will not be racing just yet as I'm only now coming off my "off season" post-cyclocross-season, but soon...very soon... let the pinning of race numbers commence!!!  #2014bringiton #tryingnewthings 

2-20-14: I am REALLY excited to announce that Powerbar has selected me for their Team Elite roster for the 2014 season!  I've been representing Powerbar Team Elite since 2006 and can't imagine using anything else for my training and racing nutrition!  THANKS POWERBAR!!  

2-19-14: VITAMIX CRAZED!!!  I can't stop talking about this blender -I'm a true believer!  It makes it SO easy to eat really good foods, really easily!  

***06-009600 *** 

1-19-14: I return home from our amazing yoga retreat on the beach and find myself relaxed, reawakened and refocused.  So much to say, so much on my heart, but I feel the inability to express the feelings and emotions of this experience.  Instead I share the below photo taken from the hotel where we stayed, and I pass on this video.  The expressions in this video were shared with me this week and I want to share them now with you. 

1-11-14: all done!  CX season is a wrap! I talked myself into racing the women 35-39 today and ended up 12th.  I sprayed off the bike and shoes, cleaned up my gear and it's all put away until next season.  Now -off season!!

1-9-2014: I can officially say I've now pinned on a number in 3 different disciplines at elite nationals -road, track and now cyclocross!  Yesterday I raced a sloppy muddy tricky women's singlespeed championship race at Valmont Bike park.  No way could I pass up the chance to race CX nats when they are just up the road in Boulder! The technical nature of the course was definitely not up my alley -fitness had little to do with it, the race was skills plain and simple.  I nearly got in my car and drove home from nerves because the course was so far outside my league of skills but I stayed, I managed to pass 3 racers and I finished in 10th place.  I also learned that WD40 on the shoe cleats and pedals helps sooooo much when it comes to getting the mud cleared enough to clip in.  Warming up I couldn't get either shoe clipped in.  After WD40 guys cleaned my bike and sprayed my cleats I was able to clip in the entire race.  Ta-Da!

Photo courtesy of 303Cycling and Dejan Smaic:

I am still on the fence as to whether I will race the other event I signed up for -the SW35+ race on saturday, or not ...part of me is really ready for my season to be over.  By my count I pinned on 33 CX race numbers this fall ...that's a LOT! I feel I made progress but have much to improve upon before next cx season!

In the meantime ... road season is just weeks away and I'm looking forward to some time off the bike before then.  I am headed to my first-ever week long yoga retreat in a warm sunny location to decompress and hope to return with lots of world-ly wisdom to share.  Or maybe just fresh legs and fresh motivation for the bike and for the season ahead!

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